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The Omen

The player has recognized it this behind schedule in his page Web. " He is difficult to leave the Atleti to me, he hurts and entristece&quot to me;. The Kun Omen had contract with the Atleti until the 2014. The Argentinean Sergio ' Kun' Omen, forward of the Athletic one of Madrid, remembered east Monday, in its page official Web, that already that said when rojiblanco wanted to go away of the club " it would say pblicamente&quot to it; and it affirmed that " that moment is llegado" , while it stressed that is to him " difficult to leave the Atleti". Under the title " The hour of partir" , ' 10' rojiblanco explains in an official notice: " There am this time back that when it wanted to go to me would say, it publicly.

And that moment has arrived. For that reason I fulfill my word and here I am. It is difficult to leave the Atleti to me. It hurts and me to me entristece". The attacker went behind schedule this next to two of his agents and their father, Leonel, to the stage Vicente Caldern to treat his possible exit of the Madrilenian organization east same summer. Omen had contract until 2014 and the Athletic one had showed that no it would negotiate with another club.

5 years in the club the Kun, that arrived at the organization in the summer of 2006, with which it has disputed 232 official encounter and it has marked 101 goals, stressed that it is a decision that has meditated " mucho". " I am convinced that I must be faithful same. I believe that I do not have to put a ceiling to him to the possibility of continuing learning and growing " , it added. " After five years intense, a personal stage has finished and I must take step a new one. I am on the verge of turning 23 years and I have everything ahead. Of it more is saying than one is not an economic but strictly sport question. For that reason I want to express clearly my recognition to the club by the efforts that has made maintain me until with an agreed wage to the greatest institutions of mundo" , it continued. Source of the news: Omen announces in its page Web that leaves the Athletic one of Madrid