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Secretary General

The first official competition of the contest, that finished in the first hours of the dawn of Friday and it counted on the presence of the public who did not stop to animate to his favorite candidates, chose 15 semifinalists, whereas another one more, to complete 16, is name through a voting in Internet. However, […]

The Omen

The player has recognized it this behind schedule in his page Web. " He is difficult to leave the Atleti to me, he hurts and entristece&quot to me;. The Kun Omen had contract with the Atleti until the 2014. The Argentinean Sergio ' Kun' Omen, forward of the Athletic one of Madrid, remembered east Monday, […]

European Space Agency

New moon the new moon is between the orbits of Nix and Hydra, that also were open pies by the Hubble in 2005, while Charon was detected in 1978 in the Naval observatory of The United States, but the one was the Hubble that discovered in 1990 that it was a body aside from Pluto. […]

Source Information

While first day is gratuitous (with the action of Celtas Short and the finalists of the contest that summons the festival), the entrance of Saturday costs 36 Euros in ticket office. More information in its official page. Etnosur, exotic and gratuitous From the 15 and to the 17 of July, the Etnosur festival offers in […]