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The final analysis considers that this bibliographical revision opportunist the rescue of the importance of the culture of the traditional obstetrician in our country, presenting suggestions, also, for future studies. Word-key: obstetricians traditional; to know empiricist; health promotion; psychology. In the preparation for the arrival of a son, varied feelings and expectations are in game, as much on the part of the future mother, as on the part of the family, becoming this, a demarcate experience for all. It is also considered that they are in game at this moment of the life of the woman, beyond biological manifestations, subjective aspects related to the history of life of the future mother and events that involve questions of cultural and social orders. According to Days (2007) ‘ ‘ the referring rituals to the birth vary in each culture and are marked by the relative effective common sense to the place of the women, the children and the doctors in each associated’ ‘. The traditional obstetricians are women who if had dedicated to the craft to attend the future mother in the hour of the childbirth.

In its great majority, women who did not frequenter formal education, for belonging to a parcel of population unprovided of its rights. They possess a knowledge practical and empirical on the art to support the mother and the baby at the moment of the birth, being given well-taken care of and devotion. Knowing of the obstetricians is kept in the memory and histories, that counted, will be re passed and that they are part of the interest and the imaginary one of the community, speaking of the arrival of each new son. These women throughout the history of the humanity had started to be part of the history of the births, having as mission, to give to assistance to the woman in labor and the child, considering the moment of the childbirth, as that one that has as main agent the mother, who with its force and love places the son in the world being the protagonist of this demarcate moment in its lives.