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Particular University

This work presented as problematic the homossexualidade leaving of the point of view of the students of psychology of a particular university in Itumbiara-GO, in the year of 2007. It is had, therefore, as objective generality to argue the perception of this group of students on the homossexualidade, therefore, in accordance with Scrdua and Filho […]

Live In Llan

A beautiful village in the catalan coast in the costa brava with small coves with high cliffs and long sandy beaches with gravel and a small nucleus with different housing developments that are extieneden to the vicinity of the beaches. The village consists of about 5000 inhabitants, although it the figure varies when arriving the […]


AUTHORS: Ana Elisa Feracini PERUZZO* Cibelle Marchi de Angelo DOURADO* Suellen Dos Santos SILVA* ORIENTING TEACHER: Loving Flvia Boatto SOLEIRA* *Curso of Psychology, College of the Educational Foundation of Araatuba the Psychology of the Education is considered a branch in such a way of Psychology as of the Education, it is characterized as an area […]

Towers Children

All the internment process can cause in the child and a its familiar negative psychological impact, that in the future can repulse any gone to the doctor, or repudiate any professional of the health area, to take the remedies or to adhere to the proper treatment. Therefore a blockade for the experience lived deeply in […]