Cranberry Cottage

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Behaviors To Create The Life You Want

The key of the success inhabits in the form as you create one ' ' attitude of sucesso' '. My studies have shown that combined with the correct attitude, it has seven behaviors that all the successful people exposition. 1. Egoism When I speak of egoistic people who had been successful, I do not mention […]

Particular University

This work presented as problematic the homossexualidade leaving of the point of view of the students of psychology of a particular university in Itumbiara-GO, in the year of 2007. It is had, therefore, as objective generality to argue the perception of this group of students on the homossexualidade, therefore, in accordance with Scrdua and Filho […]

Live In Llan

A beautiful village in the catalan coast in the costa brava with small coves with high cliffs and long sandy beaches with gravel and a small nucleus with different housing developments that are extieneden to the vicinity of the beaches. The village consists of about 5000 inhabitants, although it the figure varies when arriving the […]


AUTHORS: Ana Elisa Feracini PERUZZO* Cibelle Marchi de Angelo DOURADO* Suellen Dos Santos SILVA* ORIENTING TEACHER: Loving Flvia Boatto SOLEIRA* *Curso of Psychology, College of the Educational Foundation of Araatuba the Psychology of the Education is considered a branch in such a way of Psychology as of the Education, it is characterized as an area […]