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Thailand Tour

A country with rich culture, with many historic and natural attractions and religious values. The quiet hamlet in the north, the village of long-necked women, multimillion Bangkok, in which small huts on the river side by side with skyscrapers, palaces and temple complex. Excursions for the most part are quite affordable prices. A trip to the Royal Palace in Bangkok with a guide will cost you 450 rubles, When a ticket in this complex is 300 rubles. Jack Fusco is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Slightly more expensive trips to tropical park Nong Nooch (600 rubles). The park's not small and includes: orchid garden, orchid garden, cactus garden, a French park, butterfly garden, elephant farm, garden birds, garden, water plants, bonsai garden, garden pots (sculpture from the flower pots), a garden of palms and ferns. It is interesting to visit the crocodile, snake farm and tiger zoo – the price of these tours from 500 to 700 rubles.

Particularly popular are excursions, like a journey on the River Kwai (3500 USD), a tour to Bangkok from for 1 day (2000 rubles). Be sure to visit the islands of Thailand. Excursion to Fr. Chang hotel accommodation for 2 days will cost you are in 4500 rubles. if ordered through the tour desk.

If you're not afraid to lose, but rather like independent travel, feel free to go, for example, on o.Chang. From to get to the ferry in the drafts on Mini Bus. The cost of such travel 400 rubles. From Waste to the island ferry (an hour a way) – about 50 rubles per person. On the island is easy to find the hotel or apartment for rent. The cost of 300 rubles. per person per night. The prices are very democratic!