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Thailand Tour

A country with rich culture, with many historic and natural attractions and religious values. The quiet hamlet in the north, the village of long-necked women, multimillion Bangkok, in which small huts on the river side by side with skyscrapers, palaces and temple complex. Excursions for the most part are quite affordable prices. A trip to […]

An Unforgettable Holiday In The Mysterious Country Of Egypt

Whatever a man has one hundred percent guaranteed right to appropriate any, available to him rest, at the same time, in principle, does not really matter what month in the yard. In any case, there is a unique opportunity drove off a holiday abroad. In this way any rest, and specifically on a trip to […]

Sri Lanka

And if you specifically to seek the children's toys, you will find handicraft shops where you can buy colorful toys out of clay, played by local children. If you love arrange home walk into a party and parties, check out the store, which sells national dress. On arrival home, you can at home to arrange […]

In Estepona

Beach area Cristo includes beach of La Rada, which is marked in blue the flag of environmental cleanliness. In addition to a beach holiday in Estepona offers opportunities for golf. 8 of 40 golf courses on the Costa del Sol (Costa del Sol) located in Estepona. The once quiet fishing village, today Estepona is a […]

European Grayling Fishing

European grayling – a fish of prey, live in the rivers north of European part of our state. Selects the cold rivers, lakes, streams, rapid river. Grows up to 50cm and weight of 2-3 kg. The most successful fishing season is at fishing Urals during the 15 June to early October, but we should not […]

Schengen Visa

If you could do it, then on arrival the country of destination at the airport you will pass through a special corridor for citizens coming from the Schengen area. Passage of visa controls, in this case is much simplified. 2. Multiple entry Schengen visa involves permission to enter the Schengen zone by any State party […]

Angelina Jolie

Real estate tip: the mere fact that many famous people in Hollywood (Angelina Jolie, Pete Brett), and prominent businessmen and politicians are buying real estate in Panama says that today Panama is one of the best places to invest! Panama for Latin American countries, like Switzerland in Europe. Large construction companies in the U.S. and […]