Cranberry Cottage

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Ingredients: 1 / 2 servings of biscuit: 10 grams of poppy for : 300 g low-fat cottage cheese 500 ml home yogurt 100 g sugar 15 g gelatin 1 kg of strawberries for decorating: 1,5 Art. l. strawberry jelly 3 sprigs of mint 40 g white house pink marzipan Sugar pencil Preparation: cook 1.Nakanune biscuit […]

Cottage Cheese

1 pack of cottage cheese (I have a pack of 9% cottage cheese 250 grams) 1 cup rice (I figure 'Jasmine') 2 cups milk (for cooking rice) 2 cups frozen berries may be larger (pitted cherries, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries all that love) – I've got 300 grams of frozen pitted cherries. 1 package vanilla sugar […]