Cranberry Cottage

Every Table Can Offer Delicious Meals


Swimming At The Cottage

Sure, every city dweller wants to relax and unwind from city life in his dacha. Bath, fresh air and silence can make this holiday complete. But in a very hot time of summer, it is very becomes relevant presence of shadows and water reservoir in the vicinity. Remarkably, if not far from the cottage there […]

Well Cottage

In the summer, like most city dwellers, I'm trying to break into the weekend out of town to the lake or to the country. Summer this year dawned very hot, the thermometer reached 35 degrees Celsius, so even during the week, I went to the country. All would be nothing and rest, and fresh air, […]

Miracle Garden Tips Gardeners

Among the winter and early spring, we are always fresh gooseberries, black currants, cherries and grapes from his garden. Prepares them in summer or autumn, and keep intact with the usual shit. Make it so. Berries or fruit in collection day sorting, selecting neperespelye and without the slightest injury, and then washed with cold water […]