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Well Cottage

In the summer, like most city dwellers, I'm trying to break into the weekend out of town to the lake or to the country. Summer this year dawned very hot, the thermometer reached 35 degrees Celsius, so even during the week, I went to the country. All would be nothing and rest, and fresh air, but the situation is marred by the fact that in the country was not vody.Pochitav ad in the local newspaper, I opted for digging wells, as well come out more. Well they dug for 3 days, the amount was 5 concrete rings with a diameter of 117 cm water was quite a lot, almost three rings were completely filled with water. In order to operate well, it was necessary to drain the dirty water, and let him be filled with new water better to make this procedure more than once, but at least twice, three. If you intend to use water not only for irrigation, water must pass an examination on the quality and availability of water and mineral elements are not, but I think that the water would be fine, unless of course there is no near toilets, gutters and poisoned rivers.

You should also protect the well, setting the house to the well, which is installed over a concrete ring to dust, leaves, insects and small animals do not fall into the water. I did a little house on their own from scrap materials, its production took about four days, I was mostly busy with the shaft and a handle that had to be ordered from the factory acquaintances. In general, you can use a submersible pump, which is now sold in almost every hardware store. Do not forget the popular superstitions, which is not recommended to swear at the well, to give use the well to strangers lyudyam.Takzhe recommended to close the lid on the castle to outsiders had no access to your water.