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Swimming At The Cottage

Sure, every city dweller wants to relax and unwind from city life in his dacha. Bath, fresh air and silence can make this holiday complete. But in a very hot time of summer, it is very becomes relevant presence of shadows and water reservoir in the vicinity. Remarkably, if not far from the cottage there is a river or lake in which at any moment you could freshen up and gain strength. Well, if there is no one nor other, what do you do then? There is a good solution, this pool right in your backyard. We will talk about how it can be done. For a start, is important to think about the waterproofing. Simple plastic or air bubble film for this will not work.

Require a very thick film, or alternatively, you can cook together multiple canvases usual, turning it into a multilayer film. So, dig pit the size of the pool. Optimum depth of the pool when the water level in it is not lower than the chest adult. Size of the pool should allow a person to lie down on the water with outstretched arms to the sides, plus a small distance to upstands. It turns out that the average size pool can be about 4×4 m, with a depth of 1, 2-1, 5m. If you want to increase the size of the pool, then correct it immediately do further to make it easy to pour out the water using a water-bearing layer of soil (usually it is at a depth of 4 m). Then do the bottom of the pool. Clear the pool edge, thicken the ground at the bottom, carefully stamps, remove all unnecessary.

At the bottom of the pool pour the first layer of sand thickness not less than 20cm. Dig a pit in the middle of the pool diameter 30cm and depth 50cm. Sleeps gravel pit so that the upper layer was slightly lower compacted soil. Then take the waterproof film (the best place for this suitable geomembrane), and puts it on the floor with the expectation that the edges of the film should extend beyond the basin by about 50cm. Make a small hole in the film around the pit with gravel – for the drain pipe. Drain pipe and the film is dense connect the rubber ring and some bury the pipe in the gravel, do not forget to plug its plug. The upper edge of the drain pipe must protrude from the bottom of the approximately 10-15cm. That's all, pool is ready. Do not forget that the change in the water it is at least twice a month.