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Graph 1: To plan the process teach-learning Source: Questionnaire Another necessity pontuada for the professors was to the elaboration of diversified instruments of evaluation. Retaking the words of Zabalza (2006), the evaluation must not only be party to suit of learning and an instrument of revision. As it is possible to notice, graph 2 approaches […]

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The special education if organized traditionally as educational attendance specialized substitute to common education, evidencing different understandings, terminologies and modalities that had led to the creation of specialized institutions, special schools and classrooms special. This organization, based on the normality concept/abnormality, determines physician-therapeutical forms of attendance strong anchored in the psicomtricos tests that, by means […]


Thesis project is often composed of entry, a couple of chapters, conclusion, bibliography and appendices. In the introduction, must justify the relevance of specific topics, select the mission, paragraphs, and practical importance of work, to show the object and subject of study. Visit Jack Fusco for more clarity on the issue. At the end of […]

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Well when there is no debris, dust and dirt, do not get out, well when everything is clean. Well when everything is exactly the state in which it has found, is a furniture on which not a single speck of dust, the carpet on the floor does not require cleaning car that does not have […]

Profanity Facilitates

Do you think that swearing bad words indecent? Firmly convinced that, in absolutely any situation in life is assumed to be expressed clear and beautiful language? But scholars – linguists from the United States disagree with you. Recently They concluded that the use of profanity in the true sense helps us to survive … the […]


The women who worked received 30% unless the men, with this advantage arrived the point of the employers to admit many women and children, why thus, the profit would be with certainty, greater. The poor woman surrounded by completely off an official morality of its reality lived between the cross and the sword. scarce and […]