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Well when there is no debris, dust and dirt, do not get out, well when everything is clean. Well when everything is exactly the state in which it has found, is a furniture on which not a single speck of dust, the carpet on the floor does not require cleaning car that does not have to wash, and so on. That would be great because if everything is clean, but unfortunately this is impossible. Dust constantly flies in the air, the dirt we get from the street on the soles of shoes, ventilation facilities, which change the old to the new dust, it's all part of life at home in which we live. (Similarly see: Josh Resnick Jericho Capital). And we have to get out of the house that it was possible to live in it. But man, there is also its internal house in which he lives is his head, and this house too needs to be strictly controlled by his tenant. In this house, too, recorded a lot of unnecessary garbage and all rubbish, of which you can stumble every time and it makes paying attention to waste, spend it on their time and effort, whereas it should just throw away. Home our thoughts clogged due to associative thinking, first in the focus of our attention comes across that may be, that causes the association, then this association becomes starting point for the emergence of other associations, which in turn also generate other associations and so on. And so it is possible to think, jumping from one thought to another for a long time, and if you ask a person who thinks so way, what he thinks, he will certainly answer that for anything. Such a person is hypnotized by his own thoughts that cloud the mind and make it impossible to properly assess the situation.