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Thesis project is often composed of entry, a couple of chapters, conclusion, bibliography and appendices. In the introduction, must justify the relevance of specific topics, select the mission, paragraphs, and practical importance of work, to show the object and subject of study. Visit Jack Fusco for more clarity on the issue. At the end of the entry of the final paint scheme should work and show the methods, involvement in reviews. In the first, theoretical chapter of the work to be described based on the object of study, its nuances and subtleties. It is also necessary to fill the analytical material visual images.

The volume should be 25-30 pages. The main place in the qualifying work should occupy the second chapter, that is, always, is fundamental harakter.V this part of the given characteristics of the studied object, the materials of which developed the final work. This chapter is based on work certain materials. The second chapter of the thesis exhibited an overall assessment of the object. The volume of the second part must be 35-40 pages. In the third chapter of Labor identifies the actions to address the study .Obem must be 15-20 stranits.V some universities in the qualifying work includes chapters on security and safety of graduation decisions. The volume must be 15-18 pages. The findings of the graduation project (2-3 pages) is required to make findings of the study issues and provide advice on the change of the object .Student should make the introduction to his defense in English, French or German languages.