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Schengen Visa

If you could do it, then on arrival the country of destination at the airport you will pass through a special corridor for citizens coming from the Schengen area. Passage of visa controls, in this case is much simplified. 2. Multiple entry Schengen visa involves permission to enter the Schengen zone by any State party to the agreement. A similar type of visa usually valid for one year, and it can stay abroad for up to three months. Only you will depend on – whether you spend abroad, just three months, or will visit Schengen countries gradually – as needed.

However, it should be remembered that if in six months you have spent abroad three consecutive months, before the expiry of six-month period, it makes no sense to apply for a visa again. What it means to be denied a visa? Most often, refusal of visas to occur as a result of providing incomplete information, incomplete or incorrectly drawn up a package of documents. However, a considerable number of failures may not be associated with any omissions in the process of preparing and issuing the visa. In the practice of processing the visa documents from time to time it so happens that even when submitting all the required, properly executed documents, a visa may be denied. Moreover, in most cases, employees of embassies enjoy their rights not to explain you the reason for refusal.

Of course, in general, failure occurs when the employee of the embassy considers your intentions are not enough convincing to receive permission to enter and at the really you just want to immigrate. But do not despair – after three months you'll be able to insist on his own, to re-apply for a visa. In addition, if necessary, we can always apply appeal. But even if you are refused at the time of appeal – do not despair! Please contact us with your Board at entrance – with a special stamp. We have formulated a special strategy of action which will correctly answering questions in the interview and to submit additional documents, still get a coveted permit to enter a visa!