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Choosing A Toilet And Bidet

When repairing plumbing node sharply raises the question regarding the installation and the choice of the toilet. Of course, the installation location is primarily determined by the dimensions of the sanitary knot, because the standard apartment, unfortunately, have a small area and in addition to all too often a bathroom and WC. Therefore the choice […]

Contemporary Applications

Awnings and canopies have long been used for different purposes. They are used in city buildings and private homes. The main purpose of these structures – protecting people, buildings and transport of atmospheric effects – snow, rain, wind and sunlight. In addition, canopies and awnings serve a purely aesthetic function – they decorate the facades […]

Chinese Granite

Pink pearl, maple leaf, yellow tiger, Livadia … At first glance, the names of either of exquisite dishes, whether exotic plants. In fact it is nothing but a variety of Chinese granite. Surprised? Yes, it happens and such. And, Incidentally, it is not inferior to the granite mined in other countries, and in some respects […]

Office Infections

Today the Russian market offers office partitions, both Russian and foreign production. It should be recognized that, in general, office partitions have a number of foreign-made certainties benefits associated primarily with high technology production culture, experience and professional qualities of staff. However, the main drawback to the import of office partitions should be attributed to […]