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Office Infections

Today the Russian market offers office partitions, both Russian and foreign production. It should be recognized that, in general, office partitions have a number of foreign-made certainties benefits associated primarily with high technology production culture, experience and professional qualities of staff. However, the main drawback to the import of office partitions should be attributed to higher price, which is usually 3-4 times higher than the Russian counterpart. This price does not correspond to the difference in quality and consumer properties of Russian and foreign office partitions. Unreasonably high price and served as the main reason for the rapid development of domestic market of office partitions. The second reason is the rapid growth of domestic market of office partitions – high quality products – mobile office walls, usually made from components imported. The third reason – import office partitions delivered over a half or two months, and their Russian counterparts – for 14 days. For office partitions Russian production cost of one square meter ranges from 50 to 300 dollars, and the price of one job – in the range from 250 to 900 dollars.