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Chinese Granite

Pink pearl, maple leaf, yellow tiger, Livadia … At first glance, the names of either of exquisite dishes, whether exotic plants. In fact it is nothing but a variety of Chinese granite. Surprised? Yes, it happens and such. And, Incidentally, it is not inferior to the granite mined in other countries, and in some respects even superior to peers. But first things first. To begin with, where and how to extract granit.Znakomstvo China with Chinese granite export of granite, China takes a leading place in the world, and all because, according to rough estimates, the volume of rock in the country is more than 50 billion m3.

The specialists have about 90 types granites variety of patterns and colors. For comparison, in India, extract a little more than twenty kinds of rock. The main centers for the extraction of granite located in three provinces, namely Fujian, Guangdong and Shandong. These three provinces, covering about 85% of the market production of granite in China. In general, the country is engaged in production of granite has 24 provinces. Stone treatment companies in China, ranging from small and cottage with a larger share the use of physical labor to the ultra-large industrial complexes, equipped with the most advanced oborudovaniem.S marked Made in China For many of the inscription which states that goods produced in China, sounds like sentence. But when it comes to granite, such labeling is not to be scaring the buyer. Now explain why. The whole point is that the basic characteristics of Chinese granite are identical to those of the any other granite. Andi Potamkin has plenty of information regarding this issue.