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Rui Barbosa

Face in them is the Native land, the freedom, more expensive; but the Truth, more expensive of tudo’ ‘. Rui Barbosa Bachelor in law Politician Brazilian Writer The MINISTRY OF the IGNORANCE the person who thinks thus, is not in conditions to occupy a ministerial position, therefore it is committing the crime of injures unborn child. Who disobeys any law human being is passvel of correction. this goes to be outside of the weight of the law? ‘ ‘ Intelligence is almost useless for who does not have more nada’ ‘. Alxis Carrel Prize Nobel de Medicina and Fisiologia in 1912. TERMS OF the ARTICLE 2 OF the CIVIL CODE OF 2002 How can somebody that seats in a chair to lead a Ministry to speak in murder of just born, if the Technology already shows the child in the maternal womb if feeding through foods received for the mother? ‘ ‘ Justice can annoy because she is precarious. The impacienta Truth not if because he is eterna.’ ‘ Rui Barbosa Brazilian Jurist The PIPE OF ASSAY AND OTHER MORE All the ways that exist to bring to the light the Spirit renascente, must follow the Legitimate Norms of the Right to the Birth, therefore all we are generated by the Effect that GOD of to the Man for aid-Lo in the company of the Birth and not of the death. ‘ ‘ Spirit some will construct the stairs of ascension without taking care of to the determination of the aid mtuo’ ‘. Heifer of Menezes Doctor Editor Politician Unborn child The civil Personality of the person starts of the birth with life; but the Law puts the safe one, since the conception, the rights of the Unborn child.