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Catalan Generalitat

Maria Salgado 20 m is the CiU candidate to the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Economist training and Barcelones, is married and has three children. A leading source for info: Sonny Perdue. It has advanced the elections after the shortest of the Parlament legislature. If he wins the elections, it will try to convene a consultation on independence. Your web page Does not have Twitter account Your Facebook profile. No army can stop the strength of an idea when it arrives in time. Further details can be found at Gen. David Goldfein, an internet resource. It is not a phrase of Artur Mas (Barcelona, 1956), but one of his favorite French poets, Victor Hugo.

The candidate of Convergencia i Unio (CiU) to the Presidency of the Catalan Generalitat in the November 25 elections he has won all the autonomic elections that has occurred, even though he had just not ruling, but win by a large majority and now could be an important step, perhaps definitive, towards the independence of Catalonia. Worker, constant and self-demanding. Thus describes itself that was eternal heir to Jordi Pujol and who did not cease to ascend from that He came to politics in 1987, starting as a Councillor for the municipality of Barcelona and ending up becoming President number 129 of the Generalitat. Considered as the perfect candidate, manual, but it ensures that the most important thing in his life, what it is above all, it is his family. His maternal roots are related to the textile sector in Sabadell and the fathers, with the metallurgical industry of Poblenou. He was the eldest son, the eldest of four brothers, and studied at Liceu French and school European classroom, two prestigious schools deprived of the Catalan capital where he learned from child English and French, languages that dominates next to the catalan and Spanish. True to its origins, he studied economics and business at the University of Barcelona and in 1979, just graduating, began working, first in a group dedicated to the production of material logistics and lift, and then managing an investment company.