Cranberry Cottage

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Catalan Generalitat

Maria Salgado 20 m is the CiU candidate to the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia. Economist training and Barcelones, is married and has three children. A leading source for info: Sonny Perdue. It has advanced the elections after the shortest of the Parlament legislature. If he wins the elections, it will try to convene […]


For real lovers of the garden, a garden shed is a must. (tdx) For real lovers of the garden, a garden shed is a must. As a tool shed, it offers storage space for lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, garden furniture, or bicycles. Equipped with seating areas, the wooden house in the garden is to the […]

Artificial Turf

Artificial turf than grass replacement at the allotment garden, holiday home or at the campsite of the camper at the campsite, holiday cottage or the allotment garden – all of this are places where you are looking for rest and relaxation from the hectic everyday life. This includes of course a beautiful garden, is the […]

Modern Wooden Houses

Urban trends are changing and a proof of this is the increasingly common construction of wooden houses, which is slowly becoming the preferred choice of those people who decide to build a country house. In recent years the construction of wooden houses is no longer an alternative for those people who only wished to develop […]