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There is a component that makes it even more difficult to forecast the future: uncertainty. The only thing certain is that we have no certainty of anything, the only thing insurance is a morning whose characteristics we can not know while this morning you don’t peek and insecurity for many, this morning looks not never. TEXT AND CONTEXT IN THE FORMULAS?N of plans: You can choose the text of a plan but not the context in which this plan will be carried. DEFINED?SCENARIO n: Is the scene or context required by conditions beyond our control that it is possible that my plan is developed. Describes the possible results of my action if this happens. The actor can only choose your plan and when more, have any influence on the conditions of the context in which will be developed. In extreme cases, you can not have no influence on the context. The planning of scenarios in a rigorous methodology to imagine and explore the possible futures of a company.

The scenarios are hypothetical descriptions of what could be the future of the company. AIRPLANE PROCESS?N FOR SCENARIOS 1. Develop a common understanding. All members of the team must understand the methodology and usefulness. 2. Define the scope: decide that markets, client groups, technologies and types of competitors will be included in the time frame that will be scanned. You should explore issues related to technology and the changes it is causing this; the ease with which competitors can break into our markets; the aggressiveness of the current and foreseeable competitors; the current and future financial health of the company.