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The North Tower at The Point in Aventura was built in 1997, the North Tower sets standards in design and luxury for all future towers of The Point. With 32 plants at the entrance to The Point on Yacht Club Drive, the white tower, harmonizes perfectly with the vivid blue and green colors of South Florida. This tower features a dual column layout about two semiprivate lobbies with elevators on each floor. This design gives North Tower residents a high degree of privacy as only five apartments share a lobby at each level. The tower design allows 10 luxury residences on each floor to take advantage of views to both north and south side of the building. The north side of the tower provides a spectacular view Waterways Point and the Atlantic Ocean just behind a narrow strip of Golden Beach. The south side offers a panoramic view of Turnberry Isle Resort and downtown adventure beyond the beautiful marina in the Canals The Point. Currently, sales prices according to the MLS 1 of the apartments in the North Tower of The Point range from 350,000 to 750,000. The size of the apartments varies between 1500 and 1870 square feet. 1 Showing multiple homes for sale