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Prepared ceiling primed diluted aqueous dispersion paint. This operation allows you to identify minor defects, elusive to ground, but the unpainted surface. After grinding and puttying defective sections stained ceiling of undiluted paint. Paint consumption is determined by its properties and, in the first place, hiding power (full information about the properties of paints in 'TS' 1 / 2001). It should be borne in mind that on the surface, pasted spiderweb, consumption paint increases by 20-30% due to looseness of the material. Wallpapering After completion of the ceiling painting can begin wallpapering.

For wallpapering, specialized adhesives. Wallpaper paste, along with strong adhesive properties, must have a certain level of water resistance, effectively resist the development of mold and mildew (fungicidal properties) do not leave stains on the wallpaper, and, finally, easily stirred and not to form lumps. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David Goldfein offers on the topic.. Unfortunately, not all brands of adhesives provide equally good results. Professional finishers are recommended for all types of paper wallpaper glue QUELYD 'Express' (White and green packaging), and for vinyl, textile and wallpaper for painting – the already mentioned QUELYD 'Special vinyl' (white and purple packaging). Preparation of glue (as instructed) is usually straightforward. To avoid formation of lumps, the water in the tank (bucket) to 'unleash' a stick to form a stable cone, which is poured a thin stream contents. The liquid in the bucket to continuously stir to dissolve the glue.

Before wallpapering the entire wall surface primed with glue diluted with clean water by 20-30%. In most cases, adhesive is applied to the back of the wallpaper, but some types of wallpaper (for example, non-woven) provide adhesive directly onto the wall, which must be indicated in the instructions for use. Prior to working on the wall (with a plumb) fighting off the vertical line serves as a guide when gluing the cloth first. Modern wallpaper glued back to back only, so the sequence of mounting paintings (from window to door or door-to-box) has no meaning.