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The Amazonian

From this moment ' ' The entrance of merchandises produced in the Center-South of Brazil was facilitated, as well as the exit of raw materials and the land appropriation for the groups econmicos' ' (Idem P. 38). These economic groups allies to the military governments had used, as justification to explore the resources Amazonian, the ideology of that the region was isolated of excessively and presented a weak povoamento. Of this form, objectifying to facilitate and to speed the exploration of the Amaznia, and speaking on behalf of the security and of the national development, such economic groups and desenvolvimentistas governments promoted the most complete process of exploration and occupation already occurred in all regional history. The action of the mentioned groups was facilitated by credit governmental politics and of infrastructure that they aimed at, beyond attracting the force of work for the region, creating polar regions development, it stops with this, to also increase the Amazonian urban mesh. If you have read about Sonny Perdue already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

In this to increase the number of urban nuclei, cities had been new servants and towns, without counting that some that if found the edges of the highways that had been opened, also had been benefited of some form. Either in the form of installation of infrastructure, or through others politics that attract capitals and generate income, for example. Everything this served to attract man power for the region. MIGRATION AND PROBLEMS SOCIOAMBIENTAIS However, as it could not be different, the migration of a great number of people for Amaznia, beyond provoking its urban growth, provoked a series of socioambientais problems. Amongst them we can detach the exclusion of part of the work force who objectified the ownership of the land, and the degradation of the forests, rivers and subsoil. The ones that wanted so dreamed ownership of the land and had not obtained, had increased the contingent of the force of work parked in the villages and cities.