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The Amazonian

From this moment ' ' The entrance of merchandises produced in the Center-South of Brazil was facilitated, as well as the exit of raw materials and the land appropriation for the groups econmicos' ' (Idem P. 38). These economic groups allies to the military governments had used, as justification to explore the resources Amazonian, the […]

Specific Methodology

In this scene, from what it was rank, the education of geography goes to allow that the pupils make relations of systemize form of its realities, despertando them for the understanding of its space organization. Of this form, this education model will have as objective, to form citizens, what it differs from the neoliberal politics […]

Cultural Plurality

Other etnias, as the Arabs, Spaniard, Poles and Japanese had also contributed for the culture of Brazil, however, of limited form more. The challenge of the Cultural Plurality is to respect the different groups and cultures that compose Brazilian and world-wide ethnic mosaic, stimulating the conviviality of the diverse groups and to make of this […]