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Wiring Accessories

Entering a warm room, instinctively seeking the switch. This device, like a socket, has long been a part of our neotemnoy interiors. During the day we use them repeatedly and even do not think that system of electric lighting, which includes in addition to the designated switch and socket and plug, was presented to the […]

Building Insulation

At the same time, after which the room temperature equals the outside, will be determined by the quality of insulation of the building. And finally, fourth, most household appliances 'tied' to the mains. Portable power sources (batteries) or heavy and cumbersome, or not enough power-consuming. Construction of power of the individual country house – a […]

Hub Bearings

Design hub is very diverse. In this article we consider the most common design. This design includes two basic elements – single row tapered roller bearings. Tapered roller bearings hub used in the front wheels of the car. It must be noted that a great advantage of such a mechanism – easy, so maintenance is […]

Welding Inverters

The crisis is forcing us to seek cheaper and more effective methods of solving the problems. In the sphere of electric welding in such a solution is a welding inverter. Constant fluctuations in the roar of oil and constant improvement electricity tariffs require the introduction of more economical and efficient equipment. In the past leaving […]