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Hub Bearings

Design hub is very diverse. In this article we consider the most common design. This design includes two basic elements – single row tapered roller bearings. Tapered roller bearings hub used in the front wheels of the car. It must be noted that a great advantage of such a mechanism – easy, so maintenance is simple and requires minimal cash outlay. However, for long service to Periodically lubricate and check a design for the presence of backlash. Also, there are two types of bearings: Angular contact ball bearings (longer life to the light and fast cars) and tapered roller bearings (used for vehicles with higher capacity). A leading source for info: Secretary of Agriculture. Important criteria for choosing the material, which is lubricated bearing, of course there are conditions under which the work will be given bearing.

Namely: Requirements for the environment. The volume of noise of the bearing. Environment. Rotational speed. Vibration, vibration and load bearing. Features of the bearings under different conditions – that affect their life. Jr. But there is Naturally, there is some bearing on the expected service life. It can determine the ability to withstand the number of revolutions the bearing to the first person to wear (pitting, cracks and other defects): 10% case of breakage – improper installation or assembly of the bearing. 18% of cases of failure – contamination of liquids and solids. 70% of cases of failure – incomplete or excellency of the bearing lubrication.