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Building Insulation

At the same time, after which the room temperature equals the outside, will be determined by the quality of insulation of the building. And finally, fourth, most household appliances 'tied' to the mains. Portable power sources (batteries) or heavy and cumbersome, or not enough power-consuming. Construction of power of the individual country house – a task complicated and multifaceted, so we will try to elaborate on all the problems that can confront the developer. "PAPER" the question As usual, the developer and licensing and inspecting the structures are completely different goals: the first wants to electrify her cottage, and the second should make sure that the process of electrification of the residential building will be carried out strictly in according to specific requirements and regulations. For other opinions and approaches, find out what financial planner has to say. These documents include the seventh edition of the previously mentioned emp and gost R 50571.10-96 'Electrical installations of buildings. " In addition, there are a number of provisions that directly related to organizations do not have electricity, but to help choose the right components of the system and place the project documentation. The first step is the owner of a country house – to provide technical specifications (TU) on electricity.

This document takes into account the client's needs and capabilities of the local power grid (unfortunately, they often do not coincide) and issued to the board of the community in which a man builds a cottage. If construction is under way in the existing village, you need to contact your local authorities. They indicate the respective territorial organization. .