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Cultural Plurality

Other etnias, as the Arabs, Spaniard, Poles and Japanese had also contributed for the culture of Brazil, however, of limited form more. The challenge of the Cultural Plurality is to respect the different groups and cultures that compose Brazilian and world-wide ethnic mosaic, stimulating the conviviality of the diverse groups and to make of this characteristic a factor of cultural enrichment. With it we consider to respect them the differences, to become rich with them e, at the same time, to value the proper cultural and regional identity. Also to fight for a world where the respect to the differences is the base of a world vision each richer time for all we. These are the questions most important that century XXI excites and on which each one of us can and must reflect All the cultures human beings had created ways of living collectively, to organize its life politics, of if relating with the environment, to work, to distribute and to change the wealth that produce. More still, all the peoples had developed artistic and religious languages, manifestations, moral mythologies, values, clothes and housings. Thus, the cultural plurality indicates, before everything, an accumulation of experiences human beings who are patrimony of all we, therefore can enrich our life to the one teaching in them different ways to exist socially and to create the future.

Inside of the Cultural Plurality we open space to study on preconception, racism, the indian, immigration, the diverse religions, as the judaism, the catolicismo, the protestants, and the islamismo. The word ' ' preconceito' ' it has as meant an opinion or a concept formed by anticipation, generally with precipitation, without a deeper analysis or knowledge of one determined subject. The people also do not take in consideration enough contrary and favorable arguments and multiple aspects on the facts, for consequencia, without the sufficient and necessary reflection.