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Most of the owners of residential premises, making repairs, usually aims to manage on their own, without resorting to the services of experts from organizations specializing in repair services. This is easily explained, since as producing a flat repair yourself, you can not just win financially, but also to learn for yourself a new business and to acquire additional skills. Overhaul of the house includes a huge front of forthcoming works. This floor and the ceilings and walls. However, as a rule, few home owners attaches importance to such important items as moldings, oblivious to the fact that his role is no less the role of any other element. So do not careless in choosing a plinth and in the process of laying it in the process of repair.

Today, there are three types of moldings: plastic, wood and moldings, which is based on MDF profile. Most common and familiar to everyone – a wooden plinth. Although it is made from environmentally friendly roofing, wooden plinth is still prone to decay, to the same well-lit (that makes it not fireproof) and requires certain skills and proficiency in the installation. Plastic skirting – only slightly more expensive price, but it is more practical. Assembling it is simple enough, it does not rot or burn. As for the plinth, which is based on MDF profile, it is identical to the plastic plinth, with the exception that the material used in its production, it gives the one important feature – pyleottalkivaemostyu. Now reading the above, you have the opportunity to choose what kind of skirting suits you best – wood, plastic or MDF based on the profile. The experts recommend to stop opt for a plastic baseboard or baseboard on the basis of MDF profile, because of their qualities, they are much greater than the characteristics of wood moldings.