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Maximum Keramoizol

At the expense of the practical use of the material, there is nothing complicated. To get started, you need to carry, brush or roller paralonovy, too, will need a drill at low speed (200 min) in order to was 'Keramoizol' mix, because sometimes the stuff on top of the bucket is thick, and bottom – liquid. You need to bring it to a form that is to do – a liquid, by mixing the drill. All 'Keramoizol' ready to use. But before applying the miracle material for insulating your property, it must also prepare. If this tube, they must be cleaned, removing much of the rust, you can use different types of solvents.

If it is the walls and everything connected with them, then they must be primed. After all these simple manipulation can start working. 'Keramoizol' applied a thin layer, one layer should not exceed 0.5-1.0 mm. Emmanuel Faber is often mentioned in discussions such as these. drying time is 24 hours at temperature of 20 degrees. The number of layers ranges from 3 to 6 (based on the needs of the object, for the walls need less layers, for pipe more) with a maximum thickness of 3.5 mm (double thickness has the effect will not give) Maximum temperature for the material from 5 to 95 degrees, and no more, because it may cause material damage and no less than 5C, the material in the liquid state is afraid of freezing. To work in the winter time, you need a 'Keramoizol' on the basis of the varnish. A after drying it 'Keramoizol' can withstand -50 to 250 degrees.

Regarding the amount of material, it will be 1:1, ie, 1L to 1 square meter. Should leave at least a layer of 1.5-2.5 mm. On the Internet, you probably have seen many, as positive and negative opinions and impressions. I want to say just one thing, there is a negative for the incorrect use of the material and non-compliance with the recommendations that are simple and clear. Since, there have been instances when walls with insulation, covered with a layer of more immediately without waiting for the drying of the previous layer, thus damaging the bottom layer of insulation, after which it become loose and fall – all the work in the pipe … There were some cases where only covered one layer and all, and then said that it does not work, and insulation is poor. There were different cases. But most people who do everything right – happy with the results of the thermal insulation Keramoizol. Therefore, reading Documentation is the key to success. But why are we so used to doing that first, and then read 🙂 Personally, I myself, insulate your house with this material and the results surprised me. Try it and you'll also be surprised! If you need advice on equipment insulation 'Keramoizol', the site find my phone number, type I, and I'm happy to answer all your questions! Thank you for your attention.