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Material Wood

In itself, wood as an environmentally friendly natural material, does not cause complaints, and all the problems associated with warpage, deformation of frames, drafts and dust caused by a usually non-compliance technologies of wood processing. Modern windows are made of wood rather complicated construction, durable and easy to operate. Elements of frames of such windows are vacuum impregnated and then glued into blocks. Such a high strength laminated scantlings and resistant to deformation. The material is then dried, sorted, defective parts are rejected. The remaining heat-treated. As a result of such a complex technology mechanical properties of the material properties are much higher than the original timber, while maintaining environmental and decorative features of the tree.

Glass windows with wooden frames in a plain, polished, and in recent times – stained glass windows. By the glass high demands on durability, sound absorption and range of the transmitted radiation. To improve the insulation and noise absorption modern glass laminate coated. In addition to protection, have become fashionable and decorative coatings (film deposition), allowing alter the ability of glass to pass, refract or reflect light and heat radiation. Drawing on the surface of glass or crystal metal oxides are sun or heat-saving glass. Modern technology of multilayer film coating of glass create a variety of colors, with mirror effect. The disadvantages of film coatings include low mechanical strength of some types of film. The use of new materials for seals and sealing of windows can significantly improve their resistance to moisture and eliminate drafts.

Wooden windows are made of new technology, newly acquired popularity, although until recently they were almost forced out of plastic windows. Plastic has replaced wood because its main advantage – the possibility of fine adjustment of frames in size. Modern high- PVC eco-friendly, never warped in the sun, is not afraid of frost, or moisture, or acid rain. But plastic has a significant drawback – it has a low strength, so the windows are reinforced with metal PVC inserts. Among the advantages of such windows – long-term guarantee for impeccable structural condition of 15 years, while traditional wooden frames in need of updating and painting every three – four years. In addition, PVC windows have high insulating properties thanks to a special section profiles. Additional insulation in plastic boxes filled mezhstekolnogo gives space of glass with an inert gas. A leak these windows is a reliable barrier against drafts and dust. Plastic windows are widely used so well for glazing balconies and loggias. Most of the negative feedback on the quality of plastic windows due to manufacture them in industries with low technical level of equipment. At the same time, proven in the construction market, manufacturers are producing PVC windows is really high quality and long- warranty period. Aluminum frames in housing construction will apply mainly for glazing balconies and loggias, winter sadov, and stained glass windows because of their low thermal insulation properties. For their increase in recent years produced combined frames with wooden inserts and special insulating pads mezhramnyh. By applying special techniques of lacquer or plating aluminum windows look very decorative. Most colors of coatings gives scope for the implementation of design ideas for the design of the windows. But electroplating less environmentally friendly, to apply them are used quite harmful substances, so paint coatings were more common. A variety of options for materials, rich color palette of paints and films, a variety of designs and shapes of windows – all this gives greater choice, making your wooden euro-windows of the oak independent part of the interior decoration.