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Flat Roof Surfaced Rolled Materials

By type of roof can be divided into two main types: flat and pitched. The roofs of these buildings, like apartment buildings, warehouses and industrial premises, as well as other objects that have a large area where the installation of pitched Roof is not possible, use a flat roof. As a roofing material for flat roofs use roll roofing. Modern waterproofing materials that allow to protect your roof from leaking. But when all seemingly simple roll materials, installation surfaced roll roofing not trust an experienced roofer. Roll roofing repairs executed depending on the slope of ramps in several layers. Such roofing material can be placed on different grounds: concrete, asphalt, metal, insulation boards, the old Folding Carton Gluing coverage. Repair of flat roofs surfaced rolled materials requires not only experience roofers, but also availability of special tools and equipment, as well as personal protective equipment.

To qualitatively repair the flat roof must be completely removed from her old roof covering with floor saws and other tools. Should be evaluated screed flat roof and repair it if necessary. The device of the new roof membrane should be carefully and accurately to avoid blistering and voids. Glue roll material is overlapped by fusing. When repairing a roof is very important to choose a roofing material, but rather one that is right for your roof.

Often for a flat repair use of the roof surfaced roll materials such as Unifleks, Stekloizol, Bikrost, Bipol, Technoelast etc. All of them are suitable for the Russian climate. But which one is best? What's the difference? Professional team Roofers, which will be to repair your roof you should answer these questions and recommend a roofing material must be used when repairing your roof. Trusting repair a flat roof expert roofer, you can be sure your roof is in good hands.