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Several years ago, when there was a pressed steel deck, he made a revolution in construction and manufacturing of steel structures, thanks to a beautiful appearance, ease of installation, low cost production, pressed steel deck easily replaced expanded leaf extract (PVL) is used as floor slabs and steps in the construction industry. But the technology does not stand still and today there is a new technical solution to be used as an alternative to steel decking – decking flooring is based on the fiberglass. Scope of plastic decking as similar to the metal pressed decks, but they have some undeniable advantages, it is primarily the lower weight of the product that has a positive effect on the total weight of manufactured structures, they do not spend electric current, high resistance to bending and impact after falling on a deck heavy object, he, unlike his fellow metal takes its original shape while the iron is deformed and flooring damaged section needs to be replaced, and again, the low cost of production. A little bit about technology. Learn more on the subject from Sonny Perdue. Plastic decking despite its name actually are not, production technology decking on the basis of glass fiber strands is as follows: in the form of specially made frame fit of fiberglass strands in a grid, and then filled with a special epoxy that then with further heat treatment hardens after it cools and forms are extracted from the product is ready, the decks of your choice may be different colors blue red yellow green, etc. to the same pluses the technology does and what a monolithic grating obtained. Through the use of plastic material in the production of manufactured goods in this way its appearance is limited only by your imagination, as well As the steel decking this method produced the ladder rails, vertical ladders and handrails. There are many uses for plastic flooring is first and foremost in the industry platforms, passages, stairs, livestock farms, in construction of multi-storey to the private sector. ot on. When using any article direct active link to required!