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Portable gaming

The first portable video game that was released the Game Boy on April 21, 1989 in Japan for Nintendo’s hand. In its prototype stage name was Dot Matrix Game inspired by the Game and Watch machines. Is powered by batteries, and allowed to play anywhere and several games. The first Game Boy had to face the Sega Game Gear, but the latter lost the battle and that his aircraft and was very very high cost. The Game Boy was able to sell up to 1998 more than 100 million units worldwide.
In the same year launched the Atari Lynx, a 16-bit portable video game produced by Atari. Was unsuccessful due to its high price and short duration of the batteries, like the Game Gear.
In 1996, Nintendo had a reduced version of the Game Boy Pocket version, seeing that his console was losing market in the world of portable consoles. Version was a much smaller, with less weight and a bigger screen and also used only 2 batteries instead of 4 as before.
The Neo Geo Pocket is a portable console SNK that was released in Japan in 1998 and the 1999 version came out in color. Had very little success, but some of their games were notable quality: Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, or SNK vs. Capcom: Match Of The Millennium.
On October 23, 1998 in Japan, Nintendo released their third console, the Game Boy Color. The novelty of this new video game was the color, I had 56 colors and an infrared port (most of all to exchange data between a console and other) and one more processor. The Game Boy Color was compatible with the old Game Boy games (which he saw with some color) and in addition, 2 new game modes, one of 32 colors (even compatible with Game Boy games) and 56 (exclusive games GBC). We updated the previous GB games like Tetris and Zelda DX and DX were launched more than 230 games between March 1998 and November 2002.
But the game industry does not stop here Portable and Nintendo began to produce a new console, the Game Boy Advance (GBA), since November 2001. ARM processor with an own 32-bit 16.7 MHz system led to a 2 MHz Z80 processor to support the software for Game Boy Color and classic, but its two processors could not be running at once due to differences voltage and use the bus. The LCD was capable of showing a grid of 240×160 pixels in 15-bit color (32,768 colors). This console also had several versions, the GBA SP and GB Micro. The first has a lithium ion battery and a backlit screen, and they folded to a size even more portable. While the GB Micro was even smaller and with a clearer and sharper screen. The GBA also be consistent with the approximately 500 Game Boy games, Game Boy Color 230 is itself a library that comes to little more than 800 games, which include: Mario Kart Super Circuit (Nintendo) Castlevania Circle of the Moon (Konami), Super Mario Advance 2 and 3, and Metroid Fusion Golden Sun II, ALLTP Zelda, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Super Mario Advance 4, Wario Ware Inc, Metroid Zero mission, Sword of Mana, Fire Enblem , Dragon Ball Super Sonic Warriors, Zelda the minsh Cap Aventure Dragon Ball Advance, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Final Fantasy IV Advance and Tales of Phantasia.
Currently, the latest Nintendo console that is on the market is the Nintendo DS, which was presented at E3 Los Angeles on May 11, 2004. DS is short for “Dual Screen” which refers to the two screens that have a console (one touch), and also has a microphone and wifi connection. One of the screens used to map, or other point of view of the game, with the touch screen can do different actions depending on the game with a finger or stylus, the microphone voice recognition in games in which they need to orders, and finally, with the wifi connection you can connect with anyone in the world to play online versions of the games: Mario Kart, Tony Hawk, Animal Crossing, Tetris DS and Metroid Prime: Hunters and Starfox: Command. The DS is currently 70 of the market for portable video games in the world, despite the PSP (PlayStation Portable) from Sony. It should be noted that another version of Nintendo, the Nintendo DS Lite, much more stylized, with a smaller, but with the same characteristics. The catalog of portable video game Nintendo DS is very extensive, here are some examples: Super Mario 64 DS, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Starfox: Command, Sonic Rush, Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow, Mario Kart DS, Splinter Cell: Chaos Teory Mario Hoops 3-On-3, etc..