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Wiring Accessories

Entering a warm room, instinctively seeking the switch. This device, like a socket, has long been a part of our neotemnoy interiors. During the day we use them repeatedly and even do not think that system of electric lighting, which includes in addition to the designated switch and socket and plug, was presented to the public only in 1879. Modern manufacture of wiring accessories – A powerful and dynamic sector of world economy, so the range of products some outlets and switches are no longer limited. Different type of detectors, dimmers, Components 'Smart home'. Anticipating the practical part, on aspects of selection and the final phase of the electrification of the cottage, take a quick overview of the domestic market of electrical installation products.

First of all, you need to noted that every day becomes more and more proposals, new producers with interesting price and technical solutions. Dividing the cost criterion will be roughly as follows. Cheaper all costs to products of Russian and Belarusian companies, slightly more expensive – goods of Turkish companies, as well as domestic firms 'potential' (trademark Wessen), gusi electric, 'Interelektrokomplekt' (the series 'Lira', 'Elite', 'Fortune'). In this price category presented and a number of Chinese manufacturers. The highest segment – Wiring famous European and Asian firms: Legrand, abb, Gira, Schneider Electric, Bticino, Simon, vimar, efapel. This division is rather conditional, and therefore, for example, the category characterized by us as the highest, will include low cost devices, and expensive series of manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, Gira, Merten, Berker, bjc and vimar.