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Welding Inverters

The crisis is forcing us to seek cheaper and more effective methods of solving the problems. In the sphere of electric welding in such a solution is a welding inverter. Constant fluctuations in the roar of oil and constant improvement electricity tariffs require the introduction of more economical and efficient equipment. In the past leaving bulky and uneconomic transformers, in the current economic realities the use of inverters can reduce the cost and optimize the welding process. The main advantage of welding inverters is that it weighs only 3.5 kilograms, which allows the welder to be more mobile and carry out welding work alone (no need for an assistant to carry heavy vehicles).

Inverters are universal yet, and because virtually all manufacturers produce two lines of machines: household and industrial. This means that this type of apparatus can be used not only to industries, construction sites, etc., but also in everyday life – in a cottage, a garage, with small household repairs (the gate, fence). This allows people to save money on costly professional services. Inverter efficiency is over 90%, while the bulky transformer he rarely reached 70%, this suggests that, despite the higher cost of the inverter to quickly work out spent on it means.