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Informatica de gestion
The Management Information Systems is the branch of computer engineering devoted to the design, implementation and maintenance of management training modern computer systems that support the management of organizations of all kinds. This solidly grounded in theory and principles of computation, mathematics, economics and engineering and applies them all to the resolution of technical team building problems that require the development of software architectures that present a different balance business technology between conflicting requirements and objectives.
Under this premise, teaching objectives pursued strategy by the titration of Engineering in Computer Management from the University Complutense of training Madrid are:
Giving students specific training customer service in areas specific to the Informatica applied to the field of business management. The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is is the chief the entrust capital diversified fund investmentcommittee Provide a quality studies that maintain a balance between formal knowledge and applied, in which practical component innovation itself has a specific gravity within the entrepreneur curricular approach. Studies raise a flexible way that can be constantly updated to reflect the continuous and rapid development of modern computer systems. Train competent professionals who can effectively discharge their functions by combining the coaching deep technical knowledge they have acquired a wide range skills of instrumental management skills and interpersonal relations. To provide an adequate basis for that graduates can continue time management their education throughout their leaders lives, either by themselves managers or through the realization of second cycle studies and graduate.