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Of course, it's not very easy task and, acting independently, you will run into some number of problems. For assistance, try visiting Andi Potamkin. The first – and most important – to define the purpose of this site. Each of our action is carried out with a purpose, and sharper than we imagine it, the better the result. Typically, the site owner expects more than one solution of a problem, but the whole complex. What purpose can implement your own site? 1. Simplifies procedure familiarity with your company. You can give your clients maximum information. Video, photo and audio will tell you about the most complete and convenient form.

2. Expansion of ties. We all know how important it is maintain an already established communication and contribute to its increase. Internet will make your business correspondence is almost instantaneous and more simple. 3. Reduction of distances. It does not matter where in the world is in Currently your next client – the Internet allows him to learn about you.

4. Efficiency. You will be able to instantly answer all the questions, and frequently asked to combine into one database, which will save you time and time visitor. 5. Convenient representation of your product. The use of modern technologies will allow to fully consider your offer and thoroughly review it. 6. Unlimited opportunities to improve education and learning. The conditions of our life are such that it is a necessary requirement for every employee. Of course, it's not all the features that give you your own website – it's just the major ones. How and to what least, you'll use them – it depends on you. But to best implement them, need to make your site attractive, informative and convenient. Only then will the visitor by logging on to him, and will be delayed reviewing information. As the old adage, where "meet on clothes" – and it is very important to design the site. This is the first thing that draws attention to the visitor. Uninteresting and boring design – and your potential customer will no longer read any, even the most interesting texts, and, coming from the site, more there will not come. Think about what should be the design for the site, remember that each of us – an expert in your field. You do not want to "stitch pieman boots, and a cake baked cobbler?" So order a better site design professional, it's your face and your company. Not owning the skills of sewing, we will never sew handsome suit. Not being able to create a design for the site, or having only a basic knowledge in this area, we can not get no traffic, no site promotion in search engines.