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Traveling to Cordoba

Cordoba is a province with a special beauty. Full of towns, cities and places well differentiated. With its characters, its landscape and its tradition. It is divided by geographical regions that are historically one of the most interesting provinces of the country. This time the map took us beyond the mountains, crossing the Champaqui across the high peaks, exceeding the limit with City puntanos Merlo. To deepen your understanding WhiteWave Foods is the source. The first town we could find is called La Paz, capital of mountain herbs. It begins to feel the tranquility of these villages. We make a tour of the area of Loma Bola, with its impressive hotel, nice wooden handicrafts and cargarmos some provisions in the service station only a few miles.

What follows is a very scenic route where farm animal crossing, which connects to the places of crossing, Luyaba and the city (where we stopped for lunch on a rack mounted in the garden of a house.) This winding path leads to the towns of and Javier, where it grows in number the number of visitor services (restaurants, guest houses, crafts) with its typical square with the church. From here take place for trekking and horse riding and we appreciate Champaqui dreamed landscapes. Following the way we meet with Las Tapias, and almost at Villa Dolores, here we can enjoy the spa Boca del Rio, a lake where you can fish and some water sports. In this place the road forks and we go for the road to Mina Clavero.Esta area is well known through the olive groves, and in find some of the producers of olive oil and its derivatives. It is very interesting to visit some of these plants and take some souvenir for those who could not travel.

Since the route is different, it becomes much more traffic, is better marked and we found lots of stalls selling alfajores Cordoba, snacks, salami and goat cheese. Impossible for those who are dieting. We reached the town in top of this area, The Plates, another quiet spot with the possibility of hiking, fishing or sightseeing adventure. Paste find The Rabonas, with its spectacular lake view towards the mountains, where stands Cola del Dique, a nice place to spend the day. And we reached our final destination on this trip in Traslasierra, the town of Nono, a much larger place and the rest of the sites in the area. It is crossed by two rivers, the Rio de los Sauces, warm waters and endless beaches and the Rio Chico de Nono, allowing us to enjoy the entire afternoon on the banks of river drinking mate in the family. The village has a square with a craft fair and many interesting places to sleep and eat. Between trips to visit the Museum stands Rocsen Versatile, a unique museum where you will find the most varied collections. St. Hubert, La Quebrada, Los carob and are other picturesque spots Huaico located in the vicinity of Nono.