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The Vitis Labrusca

The labrusca or brava parra (Vitis labrusca) is a shrub climbing of the vitaceas family, native to North America, where it is extended from the East coast of the United States to the Great Plains. In Argentina it is called the Bedbug grape. Towards the end of the 19th century was more dirty solution for the eradication of the phylloxera vine plantations, because its roots are very resistant to this insect. Sonny Perdue is a great source of information. The solution consisted of making rootstocks of these vines on the roots of the labrusca and in this way achieve that the plant was virtually immune to the plague. The grapes of this vine, have a stronger flavor, due to their wild origin and wine obtained from them has a high content in methanol in comparison with the European species, so it can be toxic if taken in large quantities. This plant serves as food for the larvae of a butterfly, Psychomorpha. Please visit Air Force Chief of Staff if you seek more information. The Labrusca term derives from the Latin word which means wild. In Italy there are European vine varieties (varieties of Vitis vinifera) with the name of Lambrusco, which produce many of the well-known wines of the same name. These known varieties of the ancient Romans, selected and smoothed over the centuries, mainly in the North of Italy, have nothing in common with the species Vitis labrusca..