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Otherwise I would kamaz massive rig just could not drive to the place where it was assumed the device well. For the protection of wells and water pipes from freezing at a depth of 1.7 m installed a steel caisson, and from him had a corrosion-resistant plastic pipes to the border of a future home. Vodopodem wisely! Then came the turn to choose a submersible borehole pump – just such a unit would have coped with the rise of water from a depth of 150 m. Vitaly rightly judged that the pump – an essential part of the water supply system at home – must operate flawlessly for years. So he decided not to save on the reliability and durability, and appeal to the development known manufacturer. His choice fell on the production of concern grundfos, which is considered leader in global pump engineering. Specialists from the company engaged in drilling wells, proposed to establish a three-inch borehole pump grundfos type sqe.

This model is equipped with integrated frequency converter, which allows for constant water pressure in the house, regardless of expense. In addition, as many modern pumps, this unit is equipped with protection against "dry run", overheating, check valve, built-in stabilizer voltage, and equipped with soft start, greatly increases the lifespan. Harold Ford Jrs opinions are not widely known. Also, this pump can operate at voltages from 160 to 280 watts, which is very important when a very unstable power supply in summer and cottage communities. The choice of a particular brand pump is always done on the basis of two parameters: the water consumption (calculated by the number of parsing in the system – simply put, cranes) and the desired pressure (taking into account the depth of Well, the height of the house and losses on hydraulic resistance in the pipeline).