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I think then I produce. In doing so we have free time to experiment with spirituality and the possibility to reconcile us with nature, without sacrificing the material well-being of our children. The dream of enlightenment, reason and science to resolve the problems of humanity, is within our reach. Get all the facts and insights with Jack Fusco, another great source of information. There is, however, an extraordinary gap between our on technological development and our social underdevelopment. Our economy, society and culture are built on interests, values, institutions and systems of representation which, in general, limited the collective creativity and divert our energy to a self-destructive confrontation. But this does not have to be the case: If people are informed, active and communicate throughout the world; If the company assumes its social responsibility; If the media is it becomes messengers rather than the message; If political actors react against cynicism and restore faith in democracy, if culture is reconstructed from the experience if all of this is made possible, perhaps then, finally, be able to live and let live, to love and be loved.

So and following the indent of article of Sennet, I’ve searched material and personal positioning to give meaning to life in continual change that we experience. There is another parallel and rewarding view of action and reaction that is causing the change of a society that gave the worker safety and labour stability until its end of activity and an economic compensation state until the end of his days at another society based on pure movement. One of the reactions to analyze would be as the subject of this racionalizadora society assumes or not, fits or not to new demands. This question would not have to carry out if that had not led to a significant increase in individual, labor crises, etc. In this sector, in addition There are no unions that you protect, will no longer be a strike because the employer dismiss someone unfairly or not.