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The Mechanics

1. Your mind MENTAL activity is the generator of thoughts. You’re thinking of practically all the time. Millions of thoughts that cross your mind are 24 hours a day. It is an enormous amount of energy that your mind uses to generate your thoughts.

But thinking is not bad, but the way that you think. For example imagine that your thoughts are like a TV and you’re sitting facing the. All day this television goes shooting images of all kinds according to your reactions. You do not have control of this television and while you wont control the continue to squandering all day your energy in thoughts. In order to control this waste of energy it is necessary to bring your mind to a point where the thoughts are disconnected from the power source. To achieve this it is necessary to understand the mechanics of your thoughts. The thoughts live and feed of the past and the future. They do not live in the present and the now.

He is now a land unknown to your thoughts. As thoughts cannot enter this area unknown then here you have the key to control them. While living in the past and future which is nothing more than a projection of the past – you’ll keep spending your energy. There is another wonderful thing in the present and in addition to being a point where your thoughts may not enter, also it is the Canal where you can maximize your energy. You test your same. Performs activities where you get in contact with it. For example if these eating your breakfast, then eat your breakfast, it’s come into contact with every activity you do to eat. For example that color are food, as feel on your palate, your body reacts to them, that such are the smells, what the temperature is. The key here is sensitivity.