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I remember one day my grandfather told me that when he went to work for a few months to Zamora, my grandmother sent him endless letters everyday. AND Yet the guard because as says: now that memory begins to waver is more when I need the help of those papers to remember our past and how much we have wanted: simmer melts the ice in my wet heart.I love to simmer.Inside; deep within you.Feeling infinite delirium that Spiderman my skin with desire to taste.Eternal perfume that slides into my dry lips. Inside; deep inside me.In the infinite abyss of your mouth where I lose myself. So much love drunk.Feeling the heat you hope.Here, you in me, burning to simmer. When my grandfather whispering me these verses I felt your nerves to recite from memory because they evoked in the past very happy moments. Digital Cameras has firm opinions on the matter.

A cherished yesterday located to the East of Eden, to the North of his aged heart. Your in love look told me that you can make life hard, and indeed it is, but it is a little less if you have with whom to share it. She and the. coffee for two; an eternal company in the garden of hope. Learning to live and to die together, learning each side on the other. That day I realized that my grandmother, unknowingly, it reached all. And it is that, on lips of my grandfather, I discovered a poem that will go down in the history of literature. To at least two generations to yours.

An entire family United by the truth of verses. And the truth is, that when I see my two grandparents to his eighty-four years of age take hand, I fully understand that my grandmother preferred feel accomplished loving rather than writing. I wish you could do two things but they were different to those of today times.