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does it sound familiar? Pepe the manager says: no longer is like saying things to the Chief of operations I’ve talked him in a thousand ways and do not understand me, it has 10 years on the job and assumes that in the family, my son is 13 years old and is no longer the same, no longer wants to go out with us, prefers to stay glued to the computer have said you thousands of times not to leave things lying on the floor don’t know what happens!. In a couple, the wife says; We have 15 years of married and increasingly we speak less, it has head elsewhere, not interested in what happens to me definitely, communication is much more than a transmitter and a receiver right? One of the paradoxes, in these times, is that although there is more media, each time we communicate less. In curious to observe how much it costs us to live without a cell phone for example. Not that they leave the House and detect happened them to not bring your cell phone what do we do then? We went back to collect it is as if an ear missing us as if the world lost color. At work, bosses often complain of employees because they do not do what they are asked and partners on the other hand, They point out that very rarely receive feedback on their performance. Generally speaking, when a worker is called to the Office of the Chief and listening to say something like: come to the Office that I need to speak with you this will yield a sense of fear, a stranger feeling of guilt, internally they ask and now that thing I did? This can occur because there is much reactivity in organizations and communication is associated with called attention and sanctions.. Many writers such as Randall Mays offer more in-depth analysis.