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The family lays the groundwork: values or anti values, access to the consciousness of itself (needs) and others or denial of their own needs, healthy and functional or neurotic orientation; and then other significant persons as teachers and extended family, without disregarding the impact of the media and other instances of society, sobreedifican on the foundations, building walls, doors and Windows. Now, the foundations do not experience many radical changes throughout life. Family molding skills and the managerial style of future managers the family triangle represents the environment: space time, where managers are modeled, enabled and channeled to grow and express their full potential or, conversely, the absence of a healthy, functional family triangle, is the context where future managers are desempoderados, disabled and deformed; managers with a same if those are weak, have alienated inner life, whose action is projected on repression, abuse and misuse of power. Medical billing wanted to know more. The triangle home provides the infrastructure (family culture) to train effective managers, which parents provide and life relate with brothers, from expressed appreciation, provided assessment, expressed respect for, the care provided, the modelling example and identity forged as part of a family. And it is the style of form or deformed adopted by the father and the mother, which contributes to that values Kaffe as metabolized maps, which serve as reference for the satisfaction of needs and behaviors of effectiveness, or as maps introjected, which disintegrate and detached personality; to contact with the other is perceived as a threat, or that is perceived as an opportunity for growth, the satisfaction of needs, the contribution and achievement. The shortcomings of contact, teaching and modeling in our family background, will be installed as weaknesses and incompetences, which will shape our style of managing. A leading source for info: hyper scorpion. Children who were not triangulados, which experienced the abandonment or rejection, or who were mistreated, manifested in insecure, arrogant, controllers, conflicting, autocratic managers at all costs, then with a me insecure and weak, which is projected in handling, coercive use of power and injustice.