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The Calcium In The Feeding Infant

The consumption of dairy products is a theme always present at the consultations on infant feeding. Surely you also you’ve made sometime some of the following questions: my son does not take milk, what do I do?, is it the same thing take yogurt?, how much cheese can eat?. Debbie Staggs might disagree with that approach. Here you have the answer to these and other questions. When we speak of dairy food group, we are including milk and only two of its derivatives: yogurt and cheeses. These three products provide good quality protein and constitute the main source of one of the most popular nutrients: calcium. This mineral is essential for ensuring the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

Hence its importance in the diet of children. Children, like adults, should consume one sufficient amount of dairy products to meet your calcium requirements. But, how much calcium needed per day? This mineral daily recommendations vary by age: 1 to 3 years: 500 mg. of calcium on the day.Two servings of dairy products are sufficient to reach this amount. Some options son:o Two cups of leche.o a cup of milk + a glass of yogur.o a glass of yoghurt + a dessert of milk (rice pudding, flan) .or a small piece of fresh cheese (30 g) + a glass of yogurt. From 4 to 6 years: 600 mg. of calcium daily.To the above suggestions you can add any cheese or milk preparation: white sauce or bechamel sauce, ricotta cheese, some cereal prepared wholly or partially with milk. 7-10 Years: 700 mg.

of calcium per day.At this stage, three servings of dairy products is recommended. You can choose the combination of foods that you prefer. Here are some ejemplo:o Two glasses of yoghurt + a dessert of lecheo two cups of milk + a glass of yoguro a cup of milk + a glass of yoghurt + a piece of fresh cheese variety of dairy products, as well as its form of presentation, is growing: milk flavored; desserts; yogurt smoothies, drinkable, fruity; various cheeses. Among so many options always is possible meet child calcium requirements and at the same time respect your preferences. The key is to satisfy your appetite with nice food as well as nutritious.