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And here is an interpreter of the law arose and said to test him: master, are doing what heredare eternal life? Said to him: that is written in the law? How do you read? One, in response, said: thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all your strength, and with all thy mind; and your neighbor as a yourself. And said to him: did respond well; do this and you will live. Luke 10: 25 28 started this story, talking about the fruit of the tree of science of good and evil, and the constant opposition man would find in this world who have called: world of probation, then I’ve extended comment on our relationship with God. Talk about communication with God, I referred to the prophets who receive revelation, as well as also, to every son of God inherent capacity, to establish a direct relationship with their creator, through prayer, adding some reflection on the essential that is to our communication with the heavens, the development of our capacity to love. To expose all these things, it is necessary to travel a path that does not exist, as expressed it the poet Antonio Machado: Walker, there is no way, you make the road by walking, golpe a golpe, verse to verse my computer screen was blank when I began to travel for nothing, now there’s a story without end, a path full of signals for walkers who come backa path built with letters, together with other letters, they make up a Word, and that single word convenes the others that will come. Together, these words build a phrase, and this phrase that now exists, focuses it forward, with the certainty that will come behind you, which still do not exist, there is a way, but the phrases You will be content to a scene that is part of a vision, something that is beyond the senses, beyond of the foreseeable, upon joining, some others, builds a story, the content of this, becomes a revelation, a creation of God, which nests in the intellect of every man and every woman.