Cranberry Cottage

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Pumping Stations

It seems that nowadays is not so often hear this word – pumps. We have long been accustomed to, that use a crane shower it.d. But it turns out that when we are opening a faucet, the water is fed by a pump. Of course, no doubt, many still use pumps in the country. But […]

Heating And Ventilation Cottages

Proper air circulation suitable temperature – important and necessary condition for comfortable living in a cottage. How does it provide? What tools are available now in Ukraine, and how to make the right choice? In this article we will tell you about the principles of heating and ventilation systems of cottages, as well as share […]

Cottage Bathroom Construction

Since the sewage gardens is not provided, the first thing to do in the area – is to build a well-known "little house" – cottage bathroom. Similarly, the established rules regarding its placement is not There, as lay-suburban area may be different. But some mandatory requirements should still perform. Cottage toilet and must have a […]

Frame Cottages

Cottages, cabins, trailers, vacation homes you like and any resident of the city, tired of the noise, dust and crowds, worried about sales, construction of holiday homes or cottages. How can build a country house (Vacation home, cottage or office container van) to quickly and accurately? The answer is simple – to call our company […]

Lightning Protection

Nature is unpredictable, but the people who know that St. Petersburg. Now it pleases you clear sunshine, and within fifteen minutes of sudden gusts of wind carry your favorite hat and pull out of the hands of a newspaper with which you are pleased rested on a bench in the park. And now the big […]

Cleaning Furnace

Thus, we spread 7.6 series, and then lay out a rectangular section tube to a height of 12-14 rows of bricks. That's it. Fireplace is ready. Allow to settle before laying fully cured solution for 2-3 days and can, in principle, to begin operation. At what points you should pay attention, laying the furnace: Do […]

VAT Security

The number of standard modes are “Basic”, “Transport”, “Day”, “Night” and others, as well as original CLVI (Clear Logic Video Intelligence), which is of great practical importance for the security surveillance in outdoor conditions. When it is activated security camera noticeably increase the sharpness of the image and transmit a clear video as fog, rain, […]

International Specialized Exhibition

In Soviet times, particularly in the 80’s on various construction projects have worked well paint a high-pressure units Wagner 2600 and Wagner, 7000. Although they were issued by the Vilnius COM exclusively to collapse of the USSR until 1991 they are still used in painting works due to its high reliability, even now, when the […]